iOS 8 Is Apparently Out, On Android

iOS 8 and iPhone 6. We've been hearing about these two for a while until now. But it’s something from the rival camp that makes headlines today.

So if you own an Android devices but are wondering what the iOS 8 will be like when it gets announced at the WWDC event, then you’re going to be fascinated by what you are going to see now.

We’re talking about the new Android theme called ‘IOS 8’, with a capital I. This is what the iOS 8 lock screen will appear like, according to the developer of the theme. There’s iOS-ish clock text and icons, but we really don’t know how the original firmware be like.
The theme however is nice. Those who unlock their device will be able to open their apps quickly depending on where they are dragging to from the middle of the circle. It’s definitely not the first theme of its kind, but if you’re looking for something new, this might be your next install.

The icing on the cake is that it is completely free to download. You could install it at will and get what Apple’s new iOS version might look like, and if it turns out anything like this in reality, even the slightest bit, then you, my friend, have gotten something to boast about.

What do you think ?

(Download: IOS 8 for Android on the Play Store)


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