How to get current volume percentage in the volume HUD (jailbreak)

Have you been looking to alter the volume heads up display on your iPhone so that is shows the volume setting as a percentage?

Then you’re in for some good news.

Voltage is a new Cydia tweak that includes a preferences panel, which enables you to utilize variables to format the HUD overlay.

After installing Voltage, you need to go into the stock Settings menu and search for its preferences. Apart from the kill-switch, you’ll come across a format section that will let you control variables to make format changes.

If you place two percent signs in the format field, you would be able to display the numerical value associated with the volume at that moment. Adding a three percent signs will give a percentage based value, not a plan number. Leaving the Format field blank will lead to default Volume HUD behavior.

Voltage also allows users to type special messages that they want alongside the readings. Moreover, you have the freedom to create your own customized messages.

Voltage works on all iDevices running iOS 7 and above. If you’ve wanted to alter the HUD overlay subtly, then Voltage may just be the tool you were looking for.

Get it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo today and feel free to leave comments.

(via iDB)


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