How to fix iMessage delivery bug

We recently told you the iMessage problem when users shift from iOS to another platform like Android. Messages were marked as delivered but not received by the recipient. The way out from this is to disable iMessage at the earliest if you plan to switch, because Apple can take 45 days to clear your number and data. 

Guide to disable iMessage
  1. Open Settings. 
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Toggle the slider for Messages off

Looks simple right? There’s more. Because iMessage is wired into the entire product line of Apple, you need to make sure your phone number is not connected. Try the following this to do this:
  1. Call 1-800-MY-Apple, and ask Apple to clear your number from iMessage database. 
  2. Remove your number from iCloud on a Mac (if you have one). Go to System preferences > iCloud > sign in and clear your number from Account details. 
  3. Ask your iOS buddies to remove your phone number from their phone book. Also tell them to send as text message when they are contacting you through the iOS Messages app. 
  4. Given the refresh period of the iMessage servers, wait 45 days after removing all your number trace. After this time, there would be no issues. 
  5. Text STOP to 48369 to reset your Apple ID on the device you switch to. 
Try some of these tips to remove the iMessage bug.


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