How To Buy A Dummy iPhone 6 3D Printed Model

Apple’s iPhone 6 has appeared in the past few weeks in mock-up dummies and leaked photos, with 3D printing models depicting the latest specifications in order to give a feel of what lies ahead.

But if you don’t have a 3D printer or know anyone who does, you can now buy your very own iPhone 6 model. It has been designed by Martin Hajek and gives a very good representation based on recent reports; for $50, you could be an owner of a plastic iPhone 6.
It’s based on all the images and videos released so far, and although the large, curved display is not confirmed, so many reports and leaks have pointed towards this notion, so this model plastic iPhone 6 may suggest something that will be unveiled in August/September.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this dummy model, Hajek is offering two separate finishes, a flexible basic and a polished strong option in a white color, and a flexible and strong plastic in white and black (without the polish). The refined model is smooth while the unrefined model is grainy, so the former is slightly more costly.
Pricing for the polished version is €27.98, while the last expensive option is the non-polished white model, available for €25.80. Non-polished black version is high in demand and is available for €32.15.

You can get the iPhone 6 3D model from Shapeways.

How does this seem to you?


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