GBA4IOS Game Boy Advance Emulator Back For iOS Users

Riley Testut, who is the lead developer of the popular jailbreak-free GBA4iOS emulator, said on Twitter that he had to take down the game because of a DCMA complaint filed by Nintendo.

But he has been making movies for bringing back GBA4iOS, and having modified it lately, those interested in Game Boy Advance titles can jump once more.

Cydia store has received a number of emulators over the years. The beauty of Testut’s release is that it doesn’t require your device to be jailbroken, but after Nintendo found out what it offers, some changes were evident.

Nintendo’s DCMA notice outlined that the CoolROM site was in a direct link. Even though it’s quite hard to purchase physical ROM versions, they’re IP of Nintendo, so the company decided that Testut should remove the direct connection and let the site supply them.
So the latest version of GBA4iOS includes a link to Google search, so this adds an extra process to get the ROMs. But the app works normal. Testut has also included Game Boy logos and controller overlays, with a number of bug fixes.

Apart from getting things up and running again, Testut along with co-developer Paul Thorsen are also working on a 2.1 update, which will offer new features and design tweaks.

Grab the current GBA4iOS through

(Source: Riley Testut [Twitter])

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