Galaxy S5 Samsung Video Tour Takes A Dig At iPhone 5s & Retina

Recently, some new tour videos were uploaded on Samsung Mobile USA YouTube channel, showing Galaxy S5’s full HD AMOLED screen, ultra-power saving mode, S Health app and camera focus feature. These videos do a great job at demonstrating the features.

But Samsung couldn’t stop taking a dig at Apple, comparing it with iPhone 5s display size, pixel count and image quality. The 37-second video titled ‘Full HD Display’ mentions ’62 percent more screen size than the iPhone 5s’, taking the viewing experience to a whole new level. This is true; Galaxy S5 HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels is 2.85 more than iPhone 5s Retina screen of 640 by 1,136 pixels. However, Apple’s iPhone 6 5.5-inch model is expected to incorporate HD and outdo Galaxy S5.

Another video emphasis the S Health app that taps in a heart rate sensor and pedometer to show hear rate and steps taken. Apple iPhone 5s with its M7 motion processor does the same, and the new iPhone 5s ad ‘Powerful’ shows the app called Instant Heart Rate.

 Another video called ‘Focus Features’ shows how Galaxy S5 users can select their depth of field and focus even after a picture has been taken, using the Phase Detection Auto Focus technology.

 The final clip depicts the ultra-saving mode; it places the screen to grayscale and minimizes performance of the phone to maximize battery life. Samsung says even with 10 percent battery left, the ultra-saving mode will allow users to text and call others for 24 hours.

There is no such feature on iOS that users can control at the moment, so maybe Apple may take notice as the power-saving mode is quite impressive.

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