Facebook Introduces Anonymous Login & Strict App Monitoring

Facebook, at its core, has to be more watchful when it comes to preserving user security and privacy. With more than 1 million users a month, it is vast amount of personal information that the company deals with, and to help users enjoy services and applications without giving to much information, Facebook has lately introduced Anonymous Login.

It is a feature implemented to fill the needs of those worried about sharing information with apps and seeking more control over the personal information received by apps. Once a user anonymously logs in, no information is shared between the app being used and Facebook, and the user is at his/her own discretion to give a little bit of information.
Facebook has also placed a few videos on its website explaining the Anonymous Login feature works; although integration won’t commence quickly. A few developers are on board at the moment, but the social giant will open the new feature to more developers in the future.

It is known that third-party information try to access a lot of personal information, and users often find looking through terms and conditions confusing to comprehend what they would be sharing. With this feature, users will be able to choose what part of a profile should the app see, and Facebook will also closely be monitoring apps ensuring developers don’t ask for any information without proper reasoning.

The feature will roll out in the next few weeks, and with Facebook making efforts to monitor apps Apple does, hopefully Facebook users will feel more secure when taking advantage of app content.

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