Expected iPhone 6 VS iPod 5G Side By Side (Images)

Apple’s iPhone hasn’t changed a lot in design in recent years, but all that could change with the release of iPhone 6. A curved rear chassis, taking something from iPod Touch and iPad Air design, can be there. 

Now some new images show what is being called a dummy iPhone 6 unit lying alongside the iPod Touch 5g.

The variant is the 4.7-inch model of the iPhone 6, which may be followed by a 5.5-inch model at a later date. The images show the curved rear edge and a slender profile; these aren’t the only similarities as the volume buttons and speaker holes look similar, too. 

The difference is of size, and that he power button goes from the top to the side, at the top of volume buttons. The reason is that Apple wants users to be comfortable with the power button on the big iPhone, which becomes achievable through this placement. This isn’t the first time a vendor would do such a placement, but Apple is moving into the transitional phase if this is indeed a genuine dummy.

The display size being big was on the most wanted list of iPhone users who will buy a new iPhone. Let’s see what Apple does when it does finally make an appearance. Some reports suggest a July release, but we’re hooting with the majority for September.

(Via: MacFan)


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