Create The Perfect iOS 7 Lock Screen Wallpaper On iPhone Using This App

There is nothing much easier than choosing any wallpaper for your iPhone's lock screen and quickly scale/resize it from the settings app. But not every image you set on the lock screen gives a nice look for your device, that's because you’re dealing with limited space and various UI elements including the clock and unlock slider, it’s often rather difficult to find an image that seems to just work... Today you don't have any worries, because there is an app available on the App Store gives you more power to create the perfect iOS 7 wallpaper. 
The app is called "LockScreen wallpaper designer for iOS 7". So what does the application do for your wallpapers ? Well, given the frosted look of iOS 7 in general, Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer nicely surrounds your image with a dynamic blur, offering that same translucent effect seen throughout the recently-revamped software.
As for the focal point that is the image itself, you can select from a bunch of different shapes to border it. As you’ll see from the screenshots below, the finished article is actually quite awesome.
App Store is full of application that promises to enhance photos and images, but Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer proves once again that there is room to innovate even in the most crowded of markets. The resulting wallpapers created by this app look fantastic, and whilst some images are made to be spread right across the lock screen, this app comes very handy for the overwhelming majority that simply don’t fit in.
As an added bonus, backgrounds made with Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer even play nicely when parallax is switched on, so if you enjoy the special effects that Apple decided to bake onto its mobile OS, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can still do even if you use this app.

Give it a try and let us know your opinion about it.

(Download: Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer for iPhone on the App Store )


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