Convergance Tweak: Add Useful Functionality To The iOS Lockscreen

What if you could add quick access toggles, improved notifications and the whole nine yards on the lock screen? Convergance is a new jailbreak tweak that makes it possible.

It has three features. The first can be found by swiping towards the right – it takes you to a screen offering a variety of toggles such as Bluetooth, location services, Airplane mode, WiFi and brightness.

Swiping to the left from the lock screen brings up quick access – it enables users to quickly open the camera. It’s similar to using the lock screen camera that we are already accustomed to. And lastly, swiping down from the top of the screen brings up useful widgets for Weather, RSS and Calendar.

The tweak also has several customization settings, including theming options, interface settings, a killswitch toggle and more. Tapping the ‘theme’ option will bring up out visual appearance options for the main elements of the tweak: Thin, Default, Conceptual and Charcoal. Users also get an option to decide how much the background should be blurred when the tweak is being used.

The interface settings allow you to decide which toggles and widgets should be active and set adjustments including album artwork, background and battery percentage options.

Adventurous users can access more customization options from the Advanced Settings menu such as notification Settings.

Convergance is available in Cydia for $2.50. The developer says iPad support is coming soon. Leave your comments on this lock screen mod below.


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