Check Out This Gorgeous iPhone 6 TV Ad [Video]

In these days, everyone is talking about Apple's next generation iPhone 6, how it will look like, what is the features we could see, will it have a bigger screen or not and too many un-ended questions. But guess what ? We all love to see iPhone 6 concepts. Today we've got a new iPhone 6 Tv ad that shows how a gorgeous iPhone could be..

The video is based upon recent rumors of the fabled iPhone 6, that should be making an appearance sometime later this year, SET Solution has produced a TV advert concept for Apple’s currently fictional smartphone.

Missing from this advert are flashing lights or a built-in projected, laser keyboard; instead you’ll find the larger iPhone screen that is all but confirmed to be present on the next generation of Apple’s smartphone and a bezel to bezel display that looks as gorgeous as you’d imagine.

The style of the advert has been incredibly well done. Whilst all of the iPhone 6 footage is of course computer generated, the overall feel of the advert is very similar to that of Apple’s ‘Your Verse’ ad campaign.

Take a look:

We all have been hearing many rumors that says Apple's iPhone 6 to feature a 4.7-inch display, moving away from the 4-inch panel we’ve become used to with the inception of the iPhone 5. And while the camera is rumored to remain unchanged, retaining the same 8-megapixel sensor from the 5s, it’s reported that the iPhone 6 will feature larger pixels and aperture, which would make the device more superior to use in low-light conditions.

So what do you think ? 


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