Check out these 3 beautiful iOS theme setups

Despite the theming community releasing themes in less quantity, there are still many released now and them. Today we bring you three elegant ones from /r/iOSthemes Reddit community. Each of them is worth an install.

Fair weather setup

Reddit user named iFartRalNboWZzz customised the lock screen using iW RM2 Sch clock widget, downloadable from Mediafire. He used the iExplorer/iFunBox to apply it manually. Everything else was hidden with the LockHTML3 jailbreak app on Cydia.

Mandalino is the icon theme for the home screen, and Easy Time is the clock. The icons are in custom placement with Iconoclasm and Bigify. NoPageDots7 was used to remove the page dots. The wallpaper is from Imgur album. The status bar has a Spots them and Ayeris, WiFi Bars.

You can download it from this MediaFire link

Summer setup

This is brought to you by Beiberkinz. There’s a clean weather widget on the lock screen, a white status bar, simplistic glyph icons and Android style clock widget. Cydget MIUI was used to achieve the lock screen. It’s available manually from iFunBox or can be downloaded from a Dropbox file. The circular slide to unlock is JellyLock7. The wallpaper is from, you can grab it from HERE.

The icons have a Clarity theme and a tweak Bigify was used to shrink them. The 5*4 icon layout was achieved with Homescren Designer tweak, and White StatusBar and No Icon Labels were used as well. TinyGrid and Folder Customizer helped in modifying the folder. Roliz Clock iWidget is used and DockShift was used for customizing the dock. Cloaky, Zeppelin and Android KitKat are also there.

Subtle appeal

The subtle appeal was created by the Reddit user Xcecutive with Convergance. It’s a lockscreen extension. Unitint was used to apply a systemwide tint, which is available at The homescreen is based on an iWidget that might be released in the coming weeks. Dropbox has the two wallpapers used on home and lock screen, download them from HERE.

Custom background includes Color Keybaord, and Stride 2 allows, for a passcode, and Loop was used for system interface. STYLZZ are used for custom icons, which is available from iFunBox or Dropbox files.

Most of the iOS theme setups above are much more complex than what is shown here. I recommend clicking on the source link for each theme to see its setup in full detail, as a lot of users have customized smaller elements like Control Center, Notification Center and certain apps. I also encourage everyone to share their own iOS setups in the comments below. We might promote some of the best setups in a future post.


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