AttachmentEncryptor Tweak Fixes iOS 7 Mail Encryption Bug

A new iOS 7 bug has been discovered from a few days by the Security researcher Andreas Kurtz discovered that all versions of iOS 7.1, and at least iOS 7.0.4, don’t encrypt email attachments.
Kurtz informed Apple of the bug and they said they will be working on it, but there is no word until now when we shall see the fix from Apple. Fortunately, the jailbreak community has a much faster response time…

Today Ryan Petrich the well known hacker and developer has just released a tweak called ‘Attachment Encryptor’ this evening, a tweak that patches the aforementioned bug. All you have to do is install it and respring your iPhone or iPad.

So in case you have been facing any problem with mail app in iOS 7, we recommend downloading this tweak for free from Cydia store via Ryan's personal repo... You can add it as following:

Let us know what do you think.


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