AltKeyboard 2 Makes Way For iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices

AltKeyboard 2 comes from A3tweaks, which also developed Auxo 2. It has been so popular because the keyboard on iOS by default lacks features like swiping, or a 5th row of keys. And there’s no room for keyboard expansion when it comes to increasing the size of the keys.

So keeping that in mind, AltKeyboard 2 adds functionality to the stock keyboard without changing its size. The jailbreak tweak employs flick up gestures on the secondary and primary keyboard keys for inputting alternate characters. So swiping up on W will input a 2 and the likes.

Having an alternate keyboard makes typing efficient, but AltKeyboard 2 deploys flick-down gesture on the keys for inputting a capitalized character, removing the need for the shift key.

Another key feature is ‘Auxiliary Alt’s, which enables you to flick up on modifier keys for more functionality. For example, flicking up a shift key when a word is selected brings up the dictionary. Its most important function is spacebar key, swiping up on which gives you contextual options such as cut, copy, select all, and paste.

via iDB

Cursor Seeker is another big feature that allows you to slide from the keyboard’s either side to move the cursor. This feature lets you use the viewfinder preview, a classic loupe preview, or no preview.

So if you were in hunt of a Cydia tweak that improves your typing experience on iOS, this is it. If you’re jailbroken on iOS 7, AltKeyboard 2 shouldn’t be missed out.

You can get it from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $2.99; AltKeyboard owners pay only $1.99 to upgrade.


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