Alleged Photos of iPhone 6 Back Cover Surfaces

WWDC 2014 media event is getting more closer and probably everyone is getting ready for it. Today a new photos of iPhone 6 back cover has just surfed on the web and it was uploaded by a website called Macfixit Australia
Macfixit Australia says it has obtained what is believed to be the back cover of an iPhone 6. The site says that it belongs to a 4.7-inch model—one of two rumored to be released this year—and is silver in color…
The cover appears to have a thin green film on top of it, but otherwise its design matches up nicely with previous intel. Note the cutout for the rounded flash and the iPad mini-like rounded edges, and the antenna breaks near the top and bottom also look familiar.

The last thing we heard about Apple's iPhone 6 that it will be in two models: 4.7-inch screen and 5.5-inch screen. Although we heard that it will have an improved camera/Processor and more... 

The consensus is that Apple will begin ramping up production on at least the 4.7-inch model over the next month, with a launch event slated for September as usual.


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