Add A Step Counter To The Lock Screen Of Your iPhone 5s

Want to add a pedometer on your iPhone 5s lock screen like the Galaxy S5? LSStepCount is a beta release tweak that does that. Additionally, it adds the pedometer count on the status bar as well. Though it’s in beta, it works well.

Install the tweak through this repo - - and reboot your iPhone to activate it. After that, the tweak will ask you for access to the M7 chip motion data. This is what allows the tweak the step data logged to the M7 process. Grant access and then go to Settings.

In the Settings app, there will be a preference panel. The panel includes toggles for enabling the step counter on the status bar and the Lock screen. Enable the one you want.

While the tweak reads the data from the M7 coprocessor, it isn’t instant, and there won’t be a step counter live-update on the lock screen or viewing the status bar. The screen may timeout before the update of step data. However, keep in mind that this is the beta version, which means it could be updated to support like or real time updates. That would take it close to the likes of Pedometer++.

Despite the concerns (about the design too), it’s a jailbreak tweak that is being highly anticipated in Cydia. More information is available about the tweak in shinvou’s Reddit thread.

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