Add Medical Emergency Information To Lock iPhone Lock Screen With InCaseOf

For medical emergencies, InCaseOf jailbreak tweak is now available. It adds important information to your Lock screen, so that respondents can gain a better understanding of your situation. 

Once activated, a red emergency button is added to the passcode lock screen for access. It’s called ICE. An EMT can use this button to learn about your name, address, date of birth, medical history and emergency contact information.

All this information can be configured from the tweak’s Settings menu. Emergency contact can have the phone number of the person. Responders can tap the green circular button at the tweak’s bottom to call the screen; calling 911 is also an option. 

One problem is that the tweak users a font that could be difficult to read. A larger font would have been more ideal. Also, there is no guarantee but emergency responders will know that this tweak exists on a device; but it does raise a chance.

Aside from these problems, the tweak works seamlessly. It would be nice if the medical information could be accessed from the main lockscreen in future as everyone doesn’t use a passcode.

The tweak was developed by CP Digital Darkroom, who also developed HideMe7.

You can get it by adding: to your list of Cydia sources. It is free to download.

What do you think of such tweaks?

(via iDB)


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