Windows 8.1 Cortana Vs Siri (Videos)

A lot of Windows phone enthusiasts were waiting for the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 at the event BUILD 2014. Microsoft fulfilled their wishes by revealing new features heading to Windows 8 devices as a new update.

Apart from things like Action Center and improvements to the lock screen and home screen, Cortana is one of the major features for Windows Phone 8.1. It’s a voice assistant that will take on Apple’s Siri; Microsoft has even released a few clips explaining why Cortana is going to go one up.

When Apple released Siri in iPhone 5s, the smartphone community, as well as the globe, was intrigued by its ability to conduct searches and perform other tasks. The jailbreak community further added to its functionality. But Microsoft says Cortana is like a real buddy, and learns the character of the user over time.

Before the week of the announcement, it was heard that Microsoft was planning to release something that implements both the best of Google Now and Siri. It looks like Microsoft took time to learn from the mistakes of its rivals, and dug out the best bits.

The videos show why Cortana is better than Siri, but we can’t say anything now before head to head comparison.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be arriving in the next few months. It would be immediately available to users running Windows Phone 8, and Nokia Lumia Windows 8 devices would also be compatible.


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