Tim Cook Earned $74 Million In 2013, Above HP CEO But Less Than Zuckerberg

Apple CEO, apart from being the CEO of the tech giant, is also a shadow of one of the highest regarded executives, and he is also constantly criticised by those who say Apple’s best days are behind.

Tim is however quite well paid. He took home $4.3 million in salary and incentives last year, and $70 million in vested stock. He banked more than any other tech CEO last year, expect for Mark Zuckerberg:

USA Today says the following:
Factoring in vested stock awards and options exercised last year, dozens of other CEOs pulled in well over twice the median CEO compensation. Apple’s Tim Cook received $4.3 million in pay and incentives. He was also able to take ownership of part of the $376.2 million restricted stock grant he received in 2011 for a $69.6 million gain.
Apple CEO’s $73.9 million was above Meg Whitman of HP, who was third, but Mark Zuckerberg topped the list. Facebook’s mastermind earned $4 billion last year, after cashing $3.3 billion in stock options.

With Apple breaking records in revenue and sales under Tim Cook’s phase, it’s difficult to say he’s being overpaid. Fortune ranked him 33 in the top 50 greatest leaders of the world list.

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