This Is What The iPhone 6 Will End Up Looking Like [Images]

Yesterday we've seen a leaked images of Apple's next generation iPhone which shows a thinner body and a look like the iPod Touch. Today renowned designer Martin Hajek is here with a new iPhone 6 concept which believes what the iPhone 6 will end up looking like.

Hajek’s concept based on the schematics, which clearly goes flagship with that unmistakably premium finish, makes a great deal more sense. With the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 now announced and ready to be deployed, the route to the iPhone 6 looks as clear as ever, and amid a spike in coverage that has seen an abundance of concepts pass through the blogosphere in just one week since HTC put forth its latest humdinger, Hajek’s is our favorite iPhone 6 concept so far.

Packing an edge-to-edge display, the concept very easy on the eye, and if Apple were to go with something similar to Hajek’s renderings with the eventual iPhone 6, it’s fairly safe to presume that it would go down well with consumers.

Here's some screenshots: 

With the two biggest Droids now all-but out there and only the Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4 for company, the stage is set for the iPhone 6 to fulfill its substantial billing, and if Hajek’s renders are in any way close to the real thing, fans of the Apple smartphone are in for a real treat.

So what do you think ? 


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