This Is How Samsung’s Logo Was Created Out Of Apple (Humor)

The main reason behind the case of Apple and Samsung in California was that Samsung was alleged copying details from its Cupertino rival. A Thai comic sheds a little humor on the issue with funny graphic that shows how Samsung’s logo was created. 

The oval shape is, according to the graphic maker, almost housed inside the Apple logo, almost as if the Korean Giant took off a bite and started a company from it.

Apple is currently asking for billion(s) associate with 5 patent infringements related to Slide to Unlock, Spotlight search and AutoCorrect. If Apple wins, Samsung could once again be on the raw end of the sword.

The prank is quite hilarious, and though several comparisons have been made between the logo of these two companies in the past, none of them spotted that taking a chunk out of Apple’s logo gave birth to Samsung.

Things are expected to heat up between the two in future years; unless we see another rival popping up, the chances of which are quite slim.

(Source: Twitter, via: CultofMac)


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