This iOS 8 Concept Shows What Healthbook and other rumored features may look like

Among the rumors and concepts we hear about in the past few days which says what the iPhone 6 will look like and some other things. Today Tech Radar website has just published a concept video for the iOS 8.  The video shows what Healthbook and others apps will look like on the iOS 8.

The video covers most of everything we’ve heard thus far. It shows a revamped Notification Center, with a new easy-to-read layout, and the oft-rumored Healthbook app connecting to an iWatch. It also suggests how Siri could use Shazam’s tech, and how CarPlay could help keep drivers safe…

Here's the video:

Again, all of these features have been mentioned in previous reports on iOS 8, so it’s possible that they could make it into the firmware (although the design might be off). In fact, most of the intel comes from 9to5Mac’s often-accurate Mark Gurman, so that adds further weight to the possibility.

We all agree that iOS 8 will be a great iOS and it will contain a lot of new features and a new design that everyone will like it... 

What do you think ?


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