This AWESOME Case For iPhone Lets You Take Photos Without Anyone Knowing

When it comes to smartphone cases and covers, there’s something to suit everyone. There’s OtterBox for rough and ready, hand-stitched leather sleeve for fashionistas and the new dot view case for HTC One M8 for geeks.

However, if you’re the one for secret photos, then the new COVR Photo case for iPhone is likely to appeal to you. It features a slightly stalker-type contraption that allows you to take photos without anyone knowing.

There would have been an outcry against such a product years ago, and though it will be met with resistance by individuals who are opposed to the growing level of surveillance, it’s pretty evident that the product will receive just as much acclaim, with people putting down hard-earned cash to utilize the feature.

COVR includes a prism lens that allows the camera of your iPhone to snap when the device is held flat. This means there won’t be any requirement to hold the device upright in order to shoot an image. And whoever is being snapped won’t have an idea that their picture was taken.

COVR is a Kickstarter project, and for prime time, the creators are looking for $80,000 backing. With 30 days to go, the goal is already up to $27,000. Should the overall goal be reached, COVR should be available in late summer.

What’s your thought on such a product?

(Source: Kickstarter)


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