This App Allows You To Send Messages Without Internet Connection

iOS 7 has brought forward several new features, designed to increase the user experience instantly. However, Apple hasn’t introduced everything in its biggest revamp after the iOS originally made way back in 2007.

An example comes in the form of CarPlay, and while you may already have an idea of this, it’s likely you haven’t heard about the Multipeer Connectivity Framework.

It’s a technology that allows multiple devices to interact in a banner called ‘mesh networking’, by making use of the connectivity in the form of Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, to allow users to connect to different ends in a chain. All this can be done without requiring internet connectivity.

FireChat is an iOS app that utilizes this infrastructure and allows users to hold group conversations with others nearby without needed an internet connection. This could be useful in several instances, but considering the fledgling technology, some flaws are evident.

Right now, when you use the application, you’re likely to note that there isn’t a deal of structure when it comes to networking, but as the Multipeer framework is used and developed in a greater number, expect to see a lot of new features. Also, connecting the devices with each other using an application like FireChat could be a lifesaver in instances when the cellular technology disrupts (and on camping etc.). It’s also a great way to communicate without revealing any privacy to government agencies, and the lot.

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