TapToUnlock7: Unlock Your iPhone With Just A Tap

Do you hate sliding to unlock method and wish you can change it with another and better method ? Don't worry we've a new tweak for you called TapToUnlock7, as the name suggests, the tweak gets rid of the "Slide To Unlock" action and replace it with a simple tap button where you can unlock your device with just one tap.

TapToUnlock7 works with both passcode enabled devices and unsecured devices. When you have a passcode enabled, a tap will activate the passcode screen, and when you have the passcode disabled, you’ll be whisked away right to iOS’ Home screen.

The tweak comes with a lot of features and the ability to customize the button, colour, font and more.... Check it in action in the following video: 

After installing TapToUnlock7, you can just start using it as is. Go to the Lock screen, and you should see the tap to unlock button. Tap the button, and your device will unlock.
Inside of the tweak’s preferences, you’ll find tons of nuanced settings for changing the look of the tap to unlock button. There, you’ll also find a toggle for enabling tap anywhere functionality. As you might have guessed, tap anywhere allows you to tap anywhere on the Lock screen to unlock the device.

TapToUnlock7 will cost you $0.99 and you can bring it from Cydia store via BigBOss repo.. Let us know what do you think about it.


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