Switchr Reimagines iOS 6 App Switcher For iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices

If you’re running an iOS 7 iPhone but fed up with the default multitasking system, then you would find Switchr useful. It is a tweak that brings back an early method of switching apps.

You would already be aware of the inconvenience of downloading and installing a jailbreak app that presents an entirely different way of assigning the specific task rather than improving on the default method. Switchr brings back the vision of iOS 6 multitasking, along with some useful functions and aesthetics. 

The new switcher tray brings a tiled screenshot of the app in the background and a blur to the main view. Multiple view type implementation is also present in the switcher tray, allowing users to switch through backgrounded applications, system toggles such as volume, airplane mode, brightness and Bluetooth, and music and media controls, as well.

The jailbreak app also adds some new options to the Settings menu. For example, Switchr can be accessed by double tapping on the Touch ID if you’re using an iPhone 5s. The developer also enables users to customize the look of the tweak through the options available. Users can change the color and alpha values of tweak and the corner radius for app tiles.

Switchr is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99 and perfectly reimages the default multitasking system founded by Apple. Let us know your experiences if you try it out.


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