Stride 2 Is A New Way To Unlock Your iPhone With Style

Jailbreak gave us a new open world with no chains in it.. We have been seeing a lot of nice jailbreak tweaks that specialize in iPhone's passcode behaviour. Stride 2 is a new recently released  jailbreak tweak  developed by Adam Bell, the tweak simply gives you a new way to unlock your iPhone using styles..

iPhone users always loved to see a new tweaks that changes the default iPhone passcode and for this Stride 2 tweak is here and it promises users to unlock their devices by drawing a password on screen using a finger. It’s an elegant and individualistic method for unlocking a device. Have a look at our full video review of Stride 2 inside.

Once installing Stride 2 on your iPhone, go to the tweak settings preference where you will find a kill switch to enable or disable the tweak, and an option to record your password.

Tapping on the record password button brings you to an interface dedicated to establishing a new password. You’ll find a canvas to practice your password drawing strokes, a Change Password button for when you’re ready to create your password, and an Options button for setting password recognition strictness.
Once you end recording your password you will be asked to draw the password three successive times in order to capture your drawing. During each drawing process, you’re not allowed to lift your finger off of the screen until you’re finished. In other words, the password must be a contiguous drawing with no line breaks.

After finishing recording your password, tap on the Save button and now you can head to the lock screen to give it a try..
Stride 2 is available for $2.99 and you can grab it now from the Cydia store via BigBoss repo... Give it a try and let us know what do you feel about it...


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