Samsung Executive: It Was Genius Marketing, Not Copying Apple’s iPhone

Apple says that Samsung ripped off the iPhone to become the top-smartphone market, but Samsung is saying it was just marketing that helped the company take the lead over the years. 

Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung USA division Todd Pendleton become the first executive in the ongoing court battle. He says ‘Next Big Thing’ associated with Samsung phones helped the company in beating Apple, BlackBerry and HTC, all of whom were leading Samsung in 2011. 

 “I think people knew Samsung for televisions,” “But in terms of smartphones, there was no recognition for what our product was or what it stood for.”

Samsung changed its marketing strategy in 2011. It required explaining customers that Samsung stood for much more than just making televisions. 

The New York Times cites Pendleton saying that when each new iPhones are on sale, Galaxy smartphone sales drop at the same time. That is why former Samsung smartphone boss called iPhone 5 a tsunami and said that Samsung needed a way to right; marketing was their weapon. 

Pendleton also said that Samsung’s advertisements gave it a leap when Galaxy S3 was released, not the stealing of patents. But Apple lawyer Bill Lee told Pendleton that no one has accused Samsung for marketing or advertising program infringing any patents. 

Designer at Samsung Youngmi Kim said that Samsung ‘absolutely’ didn’t copy Apple. If they were working on same thing as Apple, that would not provide Samsung with any advantage in terms of product differentiation. 

Apple has different witnesses during the trial in last few weeks, including marketing boss Phil Schiller. It has been revealed in emails that he was once worried about how Samsung advertised and how it could affect Apple’s market position. 

 “We have a lot of work to do to turn this around,” He wrote in an email to James Vincent at Media Arts Laboratories, Apple’s ad agency since 1997. 

Apple has already won a battle in August 2012. What are your thoughts on this one? 


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