New Purported iPhone 6 Case Shows How Thin Next Gen iPhone Could Be

Well, Apple is about to launch its next generation iPhone very soon, so third-party case makers decided to take rumors, maybe a little insider knowledge, and some guessing to theorize what the design of the next-generation iPhone could be, long before the launch.

Today YouTube channel Unbox Therapy got its hands on one of these cases floating around, and compared it alongside the iPhone 5s and iPod touch. The striking factor for the purported iPhone 6 case wasn’t the height difference, but that its thinness matched up with the iPod touch, perfectly.

Past the 6mm thinness, the purported iPhone 6 case shows a button design similar to the iPod touch, ditching the volume buttons first introduced on the iPhone 4.

So what do you think ? A thinner device with a bigger screen ? Sounds great right ?


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