New Photos Show iPhone 5s Running On iOS 8 Beta

It has been reported that iOS 8 internal testing is going on for a beta roll-out nearing the WWDC 2014. Now new images show an iPhone 5s supposedly running this firmware.

It looks like Apple will be updating and improve its native applications around this time. iTunes Radio may get a dedicated home screen, and the new Healthbook app will be integrated to allow fitness buffs to see their progress in a card-like interface.

The snaps were leaked through Phone arena, and they show iPhone 5s showing the iOS 8. Though there’s doubt, it’s in line with the recent reports.

Despite the talks of Apple’s new hardware, it is unlikely that Apple will be putting rumors to rest at WWDC; the likes of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 however will be documented in detail. The release is expected to coincide with the release of a new iPhone, but in June, we should have a good idea of software expectations.

And from what has been known so far, the Healthbook app will be the limelight feature, allowing Apple to tap into a trillion dollar market. It looks like iOS 8 will be ready in time for the World Wide Developers Conference.

Here are a couple of more sketchy shots of iOS 8 running on an iPhone and iPad:
And here's the iPad: 
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