MultiPass: Assign Multiple Passcode To iOS 7 Lock Screen

Security is the main thing people are looking for, we want something that can protect our smartphones from being stolen or anyone from entering to the homescreen and personal info. The best solution for this problem is probably MultiPass. It is a new jailbreak tweak that promises to assign multiple passcode to your iPhone's lock screen.

MutliPass jailbreak tweak gives you the ability to add one or more different passcodes to your iPhone's lock screen. So whenever you try to unlock your device you have to insert the different types of passcodes you've written.

We think it’s also fair to say that a lot of us have actually entered one of our many numerical codes or passwords into the device only to remember that we used a different one when setting it up.

MultiPass is one developer’s attempt to bypass that issue by affording users with the ability to specify multiple passwords through the native Settings app. Usage of the tweak is as simple as accessing the package’s settings panel and specifying the required number of four digit passcodes. Any one of them can then be entered whenever iOS prompts for authentication.
The tweak also come with a simple toggle that can be used to turn the functionality on or off at anytime. This can become particularly important when troubleshooting any strange or unexpected behavior when multiple packages are installed through Cydia.

Multipass jailbreak tweak can be installed from Cydia store via BigBoss repo for FREE... Let us know what do you think about it.


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