More Solid Proof That A Bigger iPhone Has To Arrive In 2014

It has been reported several times that Apple will be releasing two new model of iPhone 6 – 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. But who really wants a bigger iPhone is the question that keeps popping up.

A new survey by ChangeWave shows that 40% of smartphone buyers are waiting for a bigger iPhone. 26% of those planning to buy a phone in the next three months said they’re somewhat likely to buy an iPhone 6 with an updated iOS system, faster processor, gesture control and a bigger display size, with a $199 starting price and a 2-year contract. 14% are very likely to opt for a device like this.  

The fact that 40% of consumers are willing to shell on a bigger iPhone over competitors, a device that hasn’t even been revealed yet, is quite amazing. This is the highest demand for an Apple model that is unannounced, higher than in previous years for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 models. The larger screen speculation is certainly sprucing up demand and excitement from consumers. 

And the biggest reason for releasing a bigger iPhone is that Apple executives were aware since 2012 that the largest demand in the smartphone market is for devices with a larger screen: if Apple wants to stay on them, they have to deliver bigger screen iPhones. 

So what do you think ? Can we see a bigger iPhone 6 in 2014 ? Share your thoughts in our comment section below. 


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