LEAKED: Images Of iPhone 6 Depict A Thinner Body and iPod Touch Camera Lens

Now here else and concept designer Martin Hajek came together to release some beautiful renderings of the iPhone 6, which makes you drool over the handset. But some leaked images from Foxconn, the original iPhone supplier, may offer the first look of the upcoming handset, or at least what it looks like in development. 

The images were posted on a Weibo account and according to the account itself, the images come from the production floor at Foxconn, but because of so many April Fool jokes coming out, these images should be taken with a grain of salt.

Another picture as you can see: 

But if these images do turn out to be true, it will mean that the iPhone 6 will be quite thinner than the current latest iPhone 5s, and there will be an all-metal casing at the rear. And it could also get the camera lens, the first found in Apple’s iPod Touch.

What are your thoughts?

(Via GforGames)

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