iWatch May Be Announced At WWDC 2014, Here's Why!

It’s only good to see the larger display iPhone rumors being broken by something more interesting, such as a smartwatch. It has been a long time coming that Apple is going to bring a smartwatch and join the wearable tech market, but there is the major question, when is the iWatch going to be unveiled?

Pocket Lint is confident that it has figured out the answer. They say that Apple is going to announce the iWatch at WWDC event in San Francsico on 2nd June, and then release it for the shelves in September. If Apple does follow the release schedule, then it wouldn’t be a surprise because it has form.

Both iPhone and iPad had long leading times from announcement to hitting the shelves, which gave buyers enough time to see what was on offer. Giving thumbs up in advance won’t harm Apple’s sales.

Another reason why the release makes sense is that the iPhone 6 is going to arrive along with iOS 8. With new version of iOS set to be outed at the event and shipped alongside the new iPhone later in the year, it makes sense for the iWatch to follow suit. After all, it’s quite likely that any upcoming watch would need iOS 8 to work alongside an iPhone; new hardware needs new software.

But all of this holds no value if there is any iWatch at WWDC. We haven’t seen any real hardware leaks, while iPad and iPhone leaks are surfacing now and then. But let’s keep our fingers crossed.

How many of you are hooting for an iWatch at WWDC?



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