How to un-mirror the iPhone’s front facing camera

The front camera of your iPhone basically creates a mirrored image so that what appears on the screen matches the face. But you might not be aware that it is also possible to un-mirror this image.

Well, it’s not possible by default, but can be done in a seamless manner after you install the jailbreak app called Front Cam Un-Mirror. The release is not available in the public repo of Cydia, but this post includes the repo address for you to try.

Front Cam Un-Mirror includes a button at the top left corner of the screen when you open the front facing camera. When you tap the button, the tweak wastes no time in quickly un-mirroring the front facing camera.

The button design may make it difficult for you to register touches; other than that, it works quite well. There are no configurations to make; just add the following repo to Cydia and make the installation for free:

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