Hold2Speak Tweak Concept – Take Calls In Speaker Phone Mode

It’s quite normal for iPhone users to stumble upon features that they would like to have on their device, but it’s not available by default. For example, there is no way to answer call directly in speaker phone mode. Thankfully the jailbreak community has always got something up the sleeve to fill these feature gaps.

Hold2Speak is a new tweak that lets you answer call directly in speaker phone button through the Answer button. You have to tap and hold this button, and normal taps still work to make the handset communicable with other parties.

 The tweak is pretty simple, as there are no options to configure. Some of you might already know that an option is present in Settings > General > Accessibility > Incoming Calls to set the speaker phone default for incoming calls, but that is not the function of Hold2Speak.

It does not make any predetermined decisions, and lets the recipient select what has to be done with the call upon receipt. This makes you see who is calling before deciding how the call should be received. That is the difference between the default option and this tweak.

The question is how many of you would be using something like this? Feel free to leave comments.


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