Here's How To Install WhatsApp On iPad And iPod Touch [Video]

WhatsApp now is considered as the top instant free messaging app that works on all Android and iOS devices where you can quickly send an infinite number of text messages/Images/videos/sounds record to your friends anywhere... Unfortunately WhatsApp still don't support either iPod Touch or Apple's tablet iPad...

 But guess what ? If you are an iPad user or iPod Touch user, you can still download WhatsApp and it doesn't even need to have a jailbroken device..

Users of the iPod touch or iPad cannot currently download and activate the application, and will be presented with an ugly error if they try.

So how does this work ? All what you need is an iPod Touch/iPad and a computer and brief access to an iPhone for the activation part of the setup.

Simply borrowing a friend’s (and then annoying them when you delete their WhatsApp app) will suffice. We’ve put together a full video tutorial for the entire process, and it can be found below:

After watching the above video, you can probably see that he used first his iPod Touch, but as you saw at the end of the video, WhatsApp is fully functional on his iPad as well. It follows the exact same process, so you shouldn’t have any issues. I also used a Mac throughout this tutorial, but a Windows PC will work just as well. I’ve outlined the few differences below.

You will have to follow these points and there will be a minor difference in the steps, depending on your computer, either it was a Mac or PC: 
  • You’ll need to download the specific version of iFunBox for your operating system. Either Mac, or PC. You can download it from:
  • On your Mac, the file directory to find the WhatsApp ipa is as follows: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
  • Whereas on Windows, the file directory to find the WhatsApp ipa is: C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\
The above method have been tested on iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 7/iOS 7.1, but we didn't test it on older firmware ( iOS 6).. 

Let us know what do you think and if it is worked successfully on your iPad/iPod Touch, consider sharing it with your friends..


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