Guide To Disable Google Chrome Notifications Menu Bar In Mac OS X

Even though most of us should be using a Safari web browser being Mac advocates, it’s just impossible to think of anything else other than Chrome – admit it or not, it’s the best web browser available today.

However, a lot has changed with Chrome since its inception. The new Chrome includes a menu bar icon that many are finding a nuisance. In fact, it is somewhat quite difficult for an average user to get rid of this icon.

The good news is that turning off the Chrome notifications menu bar is simple, if you know where to search. This guide will tell you how to get it done in just a few steps.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and type the following description in the empty address bar: chrome: //flags

Step 2: Press ⌘+F to launch the Find box and enter the following ‘Notification Center behavior Mac’ leaving the quotes. You can also copy and paste from here for convernience.

Step 3: The third step is to change the value of the drop down box to Only Show or Never Show, if there are any notifications left.

Step 4: Now choose Relaunch Now option at the bottom left corner of the browser.

That’s all… Once you reopen Google Chrome, you won’t find the distracting menu bar icon anymore.

Let us know if this works out for you.

(via iDB)


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