Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s [Speed Test]

A couple of days ago we posted a drop test video between iPhone 5s/Galaxy S5 and HTC M8.. Today we are going to show you a new speed test video between two popular smartphones and they and they are: Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s.

The test, created by the guys at PhoneBuff, blitzes through a series of apps including PayPal, Photoshop and the respective browsers in order to determine which is fastest. Running on completely different platforms, Apple’s iOS has been renowned for its smooth, zippy functionality from the get-go, but whilst it did take Android a while to get its mobile operating system up and running, it’s now as snappy and seamless as its main rival.

So, how do they compare, off the back of fresh reboots, when running comparable apps side by side? Well, in actual fact, there’s not a great deal to call between them. Given that the Galaxy S5 is newer, you might expect it to run apps quicker than on the iPhone 5s, especially when one considers that the Apple device only packs a dual-core processor. But given how Apple designs its software and hardware in-house, it definitely has a secret weapon against the raw power of a device like the S5, and as you’ll see in the video, both respective devices take it in turns to outdo each other in the speed stakes.

Let the war begin: 
Interesting right ? What do you think ?


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