FaceTime Isn't Working On iOS 6 ?!

According to MacRumors, many iOS 6 users are complaining that FaceTime is no more working on their devices running on iOS 6. iPhone and iPad users reported to Apple that they can't receive or place FaceTime calls since April 16th..

They are getting a “connection failed” message. According to the discussion thread on Apple Support Communities, it also doesn’t seem like a carrier related issue, as users are unable to make FaceTime calls either over Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Meanwhile, Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet. Apple’s System Health page is not reporting any outages.

Until now we don't know if this issue is affecting all iOS 6 users, MacRumors said that one user has mentioned that FaceTime was working on a device running iOS 6.1.6, but did not work on a device running iOS 6.0.1.

When users contacted Apple support page, they asked them to update their devices to the latest versions of iOS in order to fix this problem. 

So in case you are facing any problem with FaceTime in iOS 6, we recommend downloading iOS 7's latest firmwares on your device..


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