Drop Test: iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC Once (M8) [Video]

It is here ! The hot challenge is here and it is very hot. Today TechSmart has just posted a new drop test video between three popular smartphones and they are: Apple's iPhone 5s/ Samsung Galaxy S5 and finally HTC one M8... Guess who will win ?

Video description:
The end-all-be-all of drop test videos for 2014. The three biggest smartphones on the market are put up to the test. Which one lasts the longest? Watch the full video to find out!
Here's the video:

As you can see in the above video, the first drop test was from the pocket and none of the three devices was damaged and this is a good start. Unfortunately in the second drop test iPhone 5s dropped on the face double times from above causing some cracks in the screen.

So what do you think ? I can say that iPhone 5s wasn't so lucky because it didn't fall on the back...


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