Code discovered in iOS 7.1 shows that Touch ID is coming in next iPad

At this point, it can be safe to say that Touch ID will hit all iOS devices soon. Now mentions of the Touch ID have been discovered in the iOS source code, indicating that the new upcoming iPads might include this feature. It’s however noticeable that iOS source code indicates features that never come true. 

A iOS developer from France was able to find a reference to the iPads in the Touch ID resources, as evident in this screenshot:

Mentions for iPad and iPhone were spotted in the BiometricKit framework strings; it deals with the user experience dealing in fingerprint scanning on the Home Button. It first appeared in SDK files for iOS 7 beta 4. The text string aside ‘BiometricKitUI.axbundle’ folder shows an image of a person with an iPhone in their right hand while touching the Home button with a thumb.

The framework is private as Apple doesn’t expose functionality of Touch ID to third-parties for security reasons. 

Sources say that Apple is quite serious about a mobile payment solution, so if there is one, Touch ID will play a major role in it. Apple is certainly going to make Touch ID as a secured authentication method for approving payments beyond its digital content buying.

Chatter is also coming out from supply chain that Apple has commissioned TSMC to start manufacturing Touch IDs for iPhone 6, in time of its release. The company is said to be building sensors with a 65-nanometer process technology, according to DigiTimes, and it’s rumored to start building future iPad and iPhone processors.


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