Case Maker Shows iPhone 6 Renderings – Antenna Cutouts and Thin Design

Some new renderings of the iPhone 6 surfaced on the web yesterday from the Ukraine based website UkrainianiPhone; the device in the screenshots were on par with all previews leaks, including the circular iSight flash and the Sleep/Week button.

The noticeable difference in this model is the rear shelf. Till now, all renderings have depicted a solid back camera, but this new shot suggests breaks for an antenna.

These images, if any true, shows that the handset may feature a backplate design as on the iPhone 5s; you can also see chassis breaks at the bottom and the top. These gaps could be for glass antenna windows, implying that the shell wouldn’t be solid metal.
Though there is no way to verify their legitimacy, the source says that they were sent by a case manufacturer who is using them for iPhone 6 covers. Case-makers haven’t been very far off in recent times.

Moreover, the drawings the handset as 6 mm thin – quite thinner than the iPhone 5s which is 7.6 mm thin. It’s also 67 mm wide and 138 m long.
Apple is expected to launch 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models later this year. The internals are beefing up, but expect not to see the device in renderings, kind of a cross between an iPod Touch and an iPad.

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