BetterPowerDown: Brings iOS 7.1 & iOS 6 Style "Slide To Power Off" To iOS 7 Devices

Apple lastly released iOS 7.1 from a few weeks ago bringing a few changes in the system like changing some minor things in the phone application/Calendar and also changing the style of the "Slide To Power Off" to a better one.. Unfortunately such thing is only available for iOS 7.1 users, but thankfully anyone on iOS 7 can enjoy these features on his device by using BetterPowerDown jailbreak tweak.

 That's not all the tweak promises to bring back both iOS 7.1 and iOS 6 style "Slide To Power off" for all devices running on iOS 7.x.x. If you want to try the new power slider on your device then I recommend downloading BetterPowerDown tweak.

Check out this video: 

You can also enable the Repower toggle in the Settings app (Settings > BetterPowerDown) to enable sliders to reboot and respring the device as you can see below.
Do you wan to bring back the old great days in iOS 6 ? Well now you can use the old iOS 6 style, you can go to switch the Classic (6.x style) mode in the Settings app (Settings > BetterPowerDown > Mode).
BetterPowerButton will cost you $0.99 from Cydia store, you can grab it from there... Let us know what do you think about it.


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