Best Tips For Purchasing A Used iPhone

It’s possible to get good deals on Apple iPhone especially when you’re buying a used one. But there are some important considerations that people often neglect. This post is about all the factors that should go in buying a used iPhone:

Battery life 

10 hours of talktime on a 3G network; that’s what the iPhone battery provides, but it comes with a limited recharge cycle(s), after which replacement is required. The capacity of the battery reduces when the iPhone reaches its recharge cycle limit. Beware of iPhones used for more than 12 months, unless you get a new original battery. 

Period of use 

Several people sell iPhones in a few months after buying it; sometimes they didn’t like the iOS experience or the device in general. Such iPhones are the best bang for your buck, as they’re almost brand new. More specifically, avoid buying phones that have been used for a long time. 

Unlocked Carrier

The iPhone you purchase should not be locked to a particular network, and support the LTE network provided by your carrier. If your carrier is a CDMA network such as Sprint or Verizon, make sure the iPhone doesn’t feature a bad ESN (Electronic Serial Number). Stolen, lost and barred handsets usually have bad ESN.

Check Activation Lock 

There’s a new anti-theft feature known as Activation Lock offered in iOS 7 that associates the device with an Apple ID. Restoring the phone in fresh state asks for the Apple ID, so the owner should know the instructions do disable Apple ID so that there isn’t a problem at the buyer’s end.

Check condition 

Make sure the iPhone doesn’t have any dents, scratches, screen cracks or signs of water damage; check the headphone jack, 30-pin connector and SIM card tray thoroughly as they indicate if there is any water content. 


Warranty is important for covering repairs and damages. It’s always best to go with a model that has a few months warranty. 

Have you ever bought a used iPhone? Share your buying experiences with us. 


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