Auxo 2 Download Available In Cydia

As expected, Auxo 2 jailbreak tweak has just landed at Cydia store and it is available for download for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch. The tweak is available for $1.99 for those who already bought it in the previous versions. . If you’re new to Auxo, it will cost you $3.99…

Auxo 2 comes bundled with quite a few options, but there’s one feature that stands head and shoulders above the rest. That feature, is of course, the Quick Switcher. There’s a reason why the Quick Switcher has been showcased in teaser videos. There’s a reasonwhy Sentry calls it his favorite feature in Auxo 2. It’s because the Quick Switcher will change the way you use your iPhone.

The Quick Switcher allows you to switch apps using nothing more than touch gestures. Its precision and ease of use make it a feature that feels second nature after just a few minutes of hands-on time. It’s not a ground breaking idea per-se, but it makes more sense in usage than any app switching tweak that’s been released on Cydia to date.

Here's a quick video review:

Note: Update price currently shows $0.99 for previous Auxo owners. However, Sentry recently told us the upgrade price would be $1.99, so we’re not sure whether it is a mistake or not. Either way, now might be the right time to upgrade. 

Whenever you try the tweak don't forget to come back again and tell us your first impression about the tweak and how do you find it.


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