Auki Is A Lightweight Quick Compose & Quick Reply Tweak By Surenix

Auki is a new jailbreak tweak that takes the quick reply and quick compose feature to a whole new level. The tweak has been developed by the renowned developer Bensge, who has made sure it’s free from unnecessary bloat. So how does it stack up against Messages+ and other similar tweaks? Let’s find out. 
Auki allows you to enable a quick compose interface through an Activator gesture, or a swipe down when you’re in NC. You can begin by typing a contact name and the tweak automatically fetches them. Multiple names can be added but unfortunately, you need to cancel the quick compose window and re-invoke in order to delete any names. In the text field, you can also insert a photo apart from inputting text content. 

The bottom of quick compose window has three buttons to open, send and cancel. The cancel button closes the app without sending messages. Open button opens the stock Messages app, where the app opens the conversation thread. The send button will reflect the type of message to be sent – an SMS or iMessage. 

Coming over to the Quick reply option, they are initiated from the lock screen or NC or directly from banner notifications. The interface opens through the blue reply button on the right side of banner notification. The quick replay recipients are already populated, and the send button as in case of the quick compose window is replaced by a reply button. Also, below the name of a contact, you’re relying to rests of the contact information utilized by the sender, which can be an email address or a phone number. 

The silent mode that can be activated through the silent button will suppress sounds for notification banners, vibration and alerts. It can also be used to activate stealth mode, which disables now-typing indicator that appears when sending messages. 

Auki is available at Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $3.99. It’s perfect for use if you’ve been looking for something light for composing and replying. Share your thoughts if you try it out. 


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