Apple's Touch ID vs Samsung's Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner (Video)

In October last year Apple introduced the new iPhone 5s with its new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy S5 which has its own fingerprint recognition tech. The handset was unveiled last month, and is slated to launch for major carriers on April 11.

So right now we have two popular smartphones with two scanners and they are both different in feature, with Touch ID requiring a press-and-hold action and Samsung’s solution more of a swiping motion, but they essentially serve the same purpose. So we thought this new video comparing the two of them was worth a look

This video is uploaded and done by Tanner March (via MacRumors) and it features a full head-to-head comparison of the fingerprint tech used in the iPhone 5s and Samsung’s upcoming S5. The 5-minute clip covers everything from setup, to usability and respective features.

March’s experience appears to line up with previous reports, which noted that the S5′s fingerprint scanner was hit-or-miss. He notes in the video that the required swiping-down action is awkward, and it’s nearly impossible to get a good reading with one hand.

As for the iPhone 5s, the reviewer found that the handset’s fingerprints sensor ‘almost always recognizes your finger,’ no matter which orientation it’s in. And he says the one-touch activation method makes using the feature in every day situations ‘extremely simple.’

Keep in mind that when iOS 7 untethered jailbreak came, we've seen a number of awesome jailbreak tweaks with handful things support Apple's Touch ID, so you can open specific applications using the Touch ID and more....

So what do you think ?


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