Apple Sold 43.7 Million iPhones, But Only 16.3 Million iPads In 2014 Q2

On Wednesday, Apple announced its Q2 FY14 earnings call and the sales figures weren't as impressive as in the previous years, with the iPad numbers going down year by year. Perhaps this was expected with the growth of competition in the phablet and tablet market.

Even the popularity of iPad mini with Retina Display and iPad Air didn’t prevent overall sales from going down. Having shifted 19.5 million iPad units in Q2 2013, the company managed to offload only 16.3 million – a 3 million shortfall.

Also, the iPad mini with Retina display and the iPad Air have received praised because of display and design, but they weren’t seen as a significant upgrade to previous iPads. However, next year’s report may be slightly better as both are expected to get Touch ID and other enhancements later in fall.
The iPhone however saw an increase compared to last year. Apple sold 43.7 million units this time around, an increase from 37.4 million, which shows that iPhone is gaining traction every year, and with bigger display iPhone 6 variants expected to arrive later this year, next year’s earnings call could be worth its weight in gold.

Also noticeable is shifting of 4.1 million Macs, which is a small increase from 4 million last year. The iPod remains now just at 2.7 million, and is being forgotten every year.

The overall $45.6 billion revenue is a two million increase from last year, so Apple did do something right.


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