Another iPhone 6 Cases Surface In Two Different Sizes

The most read topics on the internet is probably about Apple's next generation the iPhone 6. Almost everyday we keep hearing rumors/concepts and reports about it and how it will look like, the cost, the release date and more.... Today a new photos were posted by  MobileFun. The pictures shows iPhone 6 cases and they are different in size ( Maybe we can see two iPhones different in size this year!). 

From MobileFun:
We recently received some interesting images that purport to be cases for both of the upcoming iPhone 6 models. The one on the right is for an iPhone with a 4.7-inch display, expected to be announced in June. The left case is for an iPhone with an even larger 5.7-inch display. This larger, phablet-sized model would be released in September.
And spotted some interesting details:
Note that there’s no opening for the top-mounted sleep/wake button that has been on all previous iPhone models (2). Coincidentally, there’s a new button cutout on the left-hand side (1)—Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple is moving the button to the side this year to better facilitate one-handed use of the larger devices.

At any rate we still have a long time to see the truth and I would like to see an iPhone with a larger screen display.. What about you ?


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